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Custom of Female Genital Cutting Is No More
The 2,000-year-old, nearly universal practice of female genital cutting (FGC) in Guinea, West Africa, has been abandoned by the village of Lalya and 149 other ...
Dr. Jaime J. Romo - Faith Issues for Male Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse - Recorded
This recorded webinar is for survivors of sexual abuse, mental health professionals, spiritual leaders, and those who wish to support survivors of childhood ...
GUEST BLOG: The Child Victims’ Act and Restoring Spiritual Wellbeing
April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention Month in the United States, coinciding with a renewed attempt for New York legislators to ratify ...
Missing the Point...Entirely
A 14 year old child goes to her priest and tells him that an adult parishioner has been initiating sexual contact with her. She asks the priest what she should ...
News with Teeth
This week’s news that the Paterno statue has been removed from the Penn State campus, the NCAA heavily penalized Penn State with both a fine of $60 million and ...
The Truth Will Set You Free
A small news story hidden deep in the paper caught my eye. A middle school teacher has been arrested and charged with child rape. She has been placed on ...
“Let the children come to me and forbid them not . . . and let the healing begin.”
Through the eyes of three families, the documentary All God’s Children (70 minutes) tells the personal story of the first ...
Responding to Clergy Abuse of Children: Not Rocket Science, Part I
What does a pastor do when he discovers that a volunteer youth minister in his church is “sexting” a 15 year old girl in the youth group? As reported in the ...
Making Justice: Sources of Healing for Incest Survivors
by Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune
Child Abuse Awareness Brochure - Spanish
What You Need to Know If a Child Is Being Abused or Neglected. (Spanish)
Good News is Always Welcome
I’m probably not alone in feeling the need for some good news, so I'm happy to share this: In a welcome development, three groups of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis ...
The Rod of Guidance
by Sue Hille
When Child Rape Leads to Marriage
“When she was a scrawny 11-year-old, Sherry Johnson found out one day that she was about to be married to a 20-year-old member of her church who had raped ...
Child Friendly Faith Project Conference Nov 8 in Austin
The Child Friendly Faith Project announces Conference November 8 in Austin, TX. Click for more information about speakers, topics, and location.
Pastors Who Don’t Report
Pastors Daniel and Laura McCluskey from the Church on the Word in Phoenix have been arrested. The pastors were both arrested Tuesday and booked on one count ...
Child Abuse and Mandatory Reporting for Faith Leaders - Recorded
Access a recording of this webinar offered by Rev. Dr. Sarah Rieth