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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse, Ages 9-12
Newly Revised in 2012 Sexual abuse prevention curricula. (Christian)
Premature Forgiveness
Dear Pope Francis: I want to commend you for owning the painful fact of sexual abuse of children by priests as part of your Good Friday comments. Lent is ...
Resource: UCC Discussion Guide to "Spotlight"
The United Church of Christ (UCC), in collaboration with FaithTrust Institute, has created a discussion guide to address the serious issues for faith ...
The Spiritual Crisis of Child Victims of Abuse: How to Address Their Needs (2015) - RECORDED
The experience of violence and abuse has physical and psychological ramifications, but it also has a spiritual impact. For children, as for all victims, this ...
The Work of Tikkun Olam: Repairing and Restoring the World
There are two important stories this week within the Orthodox Jewish community in the U.S. The first is the conviction of Nechemya Weberman, a Hasidic Jew in ...
Dear Pope: Happy New Year
I was encouraged in early December by your announcement that you are convening a Vatican Commission on Child Sexual Abuse to help you address the needs of ...
Judge Adams, Part 1: “Fathers, do not . . .”
I was traveling and speaking at a conference in November when the story broke about Judge Adams beating his teenage daughter, Hilary, on tape.
Oprah and the Jesuits
The Jesuits have settled a lawsuit brought by Alaska Native survivors for $50 million, the largest single settlement against a religious order. At least 110 ...
The Mother's Book: How to Survive the Molestation of Your Child
For and about mothers of survivors. This book answers the most common questions asked by mothers.
Conspiracy of Love
Living Through and Beyond Childhood Sexual Abuse
Hear Their Cries
Religious Responses to Child Abuse
Bless Our Children
Preventing Sexual Abuse
Hear Their Cries and Bless Our Children - Combination>>>SALE
Two DVD Programs on Child Sexual Abuse
Dear Pope: It’s Me Again
I’m still waiting for your call, but in the meantime, I’m quite happy to provide you with a free consultation because it’s so important that you get this ...
Spotlight Discussion Guide
SPOTLIGHT: What Faith Communities Can Learn From the Movie (2016) - RECORDED
Through the eyes of journalists uncovering a scandal, the film Spotlight has given the general public a way to examine the systemic, religious, and personal ...
Reflection: Shiphrah and Puah, the Two Midwives of Passover Faith and Freedom
The weeklong Jewish festival of Passover will be observed this month, beginning at sunset on April 22nd. Passover has many descriptive names, including ‘The ...
Working Together to Protect and Care for Our Most Vulnerable
by Rev. Dr. Aleese Moore‐Orbih, Director of Training and Consulting
Judge Adams, Part 2: “Judge Not That You Not Be Judged . . .”
Christian scripture is very clear. In Romans, Paul doesn’t mince words about the hypocrisy of sitting in judgment on another . . . when you are doing the ...
Déjà Vu All Over Again
Now it’s the Boy Scouts. They have been forced by the court to release the “Perversion Files”: over 1200 reports of sexual abuse by scoutmasters from 1965-85. ...
Role of the Faith Community in Preventing & Healing Child Sexual Abuse (2016) -RECORDED
Rev. Kathy Reid, Executive Director of Family Abuse Center (Waco, TX), discusses the ways faith communities can support child victims and adult survivors of ...
Letter to a Helper
by Bettie Williams-Watson
Sometimes We See Justice Made
When national Protestant denominations meet, there is a lot of necessary but mundane business that goes on. But sometimes something very important occurs and ...
“‘A Day of Reckoning and Justice’ for Abuse Victims”
This was the front page headline that greeted me Saturday morning in my local paper, The Seattle Times. The quote is from Clarita Vargas, 51, of Tacoma, WA, ...
“I listen . . .”
The Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, was recently interviewed on 60 Minutes, discussing his efforts since becoming Archbishop to address the sexual abuse ...
Order More Millstones...
Brentwood Academy is an elite, non-denominational Christian, college prep school in a Nashville suburb. A civil lawsuit has been filed by a mother on behalf of ...
Do Not Harm My Anointed
by Rabbi Mark Dratch
Dear Pope: It's Me Again
Dear Pope: It’s been a while since I wrote to you. Like many people around the world, I’ve been watching your tenure closely, particularly regarding the ...
Child Abuse Awareness Brochure CD - Spanish
Camera ready art files on CD in Spanish for commercial printing. Ability to add your organization's information.
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse, Ages 5-8
Newly Revised 2012 - Sexual abuse prevention curricula. (Christian)